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Corrina Yamamoto says:
October 22, 2015 11:53AM
This August, my mom had her 70th birthday and I
wanted to plan her party from California. She had
a Scottish party with an “Outlander” book-series
theme. I had planned on cooking but as the number
of people got bigger, I immediately started
looking for caterers in the area. We had a pretty
good sized group of 22 of my mom’s closest friends
and family who have various eating habits and
dietary restrictions. I told them no salt, avoid
gluten if possible, and no spiciness whatsoever.
They made the most flavorful shepherd’s pie,
corned beef and cabbage, and they even provided a
vegetarian option for those who eat lighter fare.
On top of that, they brought drinks, cookies and
brownies, and two loaves of Irish soda bread (one
gluten free and one with gluten). Everyone was
excitedly eating and commenting on how delicious
everything was! I can’t stress enough how easy
they made this process and what wonderful service
they provided for this event.

Fast forward a few weeks. My mom’s health is
starting to decline right before my father and
cousins were planning to take a trip to Vegas. No
one was going to be there to care for my mom or
cook for her and since she has limited mobility,
minor tasks take a lot out of her. Ted and Peng
worked with my mom to create a menu for the
duration of the trip. She was thrilled to have the
favorites she enjoyed at her birthday as well as
new favorites that Peng put together. After the
family got back from the trip, Peng and Ted even
catered that so they didn’t have to worry about
cooking for themselves and guests when they got
home. Both of my parents are in their 70s so when
anyone does anything to make sure they’re alright,
I want to make sure that it’s heard. Peng and Ted
are extremely quality people and the service they
provide goes above and beyond. I can’t thank them
enough for all that they have done for me and my
huge family and I wouldn’t hesitate in
recommending them to anybody.
Anonymous says:
June 13, 2015 11:16AM
Tedd and his wife are always SO accommodating! We've have been working with them only a short period of time but LOVE the food and the service!
Springs Professionals says:
June 13, 2015 11:10AM
Ordering was painless and easy; Ted and his wife did an AMAZING job making our choices for our luncheon - especially having a variety of options from meat to vegetarian to gluten free! The quality and taste of our meals was wonderful, we had salads and sandwiches - the ingredients were fresh for everything. We will definitely call them again!!!

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